Wednesday, 26 May 2010

No1 Fake

Check out No1 Fake magazine - made in Hastings by a whole bunch of ridiculously clever and motivated people.
They are in Facebook and when i have made myself a bit cleverererer, i will post a link, Until then, type No1 Fake in and see what happens.
love you.

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The Scarlet Harlots.

The Scarlet Harlots.
A kick arse band from Birmingham. I invited them to Hastings, they came, we all had fun. Click on their pic to hear them....i recommend "A Secret"

Bend it, bend, just a little bit.............

What's that all about then? No curtains at the window, no dvds in the cupboard, Just a butt plug on the table. A sex squat. With an inflatable haemaphrodite frog sex pest. Count me out, thanks for asking.

Ain't it pretty?

Ain't it pretty?
imagine if you had to lick it.........