Thursday, 26 March 2009


"My friend Tamra Davis and I have so much in common, it’s ridiculous. We are both mothers of two small children, in the film business, are passionate amateur cooks, have an obsession with Vegenaise, are married to musicians and have a similar food ethos. "

wow, that's just freaky! Imagine having al those similarities, when you only hang out with musicians, film actors and food freaks! How did those two manage to find each other when they are from such different worlds?
What a stoopid cow.
And another thing, why can't you leave a comment anywhere on Gwinnie's blog.. (believe me, I've tried..)
You can't comment on her pages, you can't contact her, all you can do is sign up for her newsletter and receive more of this putrid, offensive shit straight to your inbox.

She has set herself up to sit up there showering down platitudes and restaurant reviews and you can't even tell her to shut the fuck up.
Lame man, lame.

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The Scarlet Harlots.

The Scarlet Harlots.
A kick arse band from Birmingham. I invited them to Hastings, they came, we all had fun. Click on their pic to hear them....i recommend "A Secret"

Bend it, bend, just a little bit.............

What's that all about then? No curtains at the window, no dvds in the cupboard, Just a butt plug on the table. A sex squat. With an inflatable haemaphrodite frog sex pest. Count me out, thanks for asking.

Ain't it pretty?

Ain't it pretty?
imagine if you had to lick it.........